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Our environment is changing. Skeptics agree, the planet is warming. The Arctic Ice is melting, faster than expected; it may disappear soon and speed the pace of warming.
Global weather systems have shifted to extreme events. Food prices have risen. Future food production will be impacted; our energy dependency increases this risk, creating a dangerous feedback loop. A few major events could wreak havoc.
This is all happening now.
Cars are a primary cause. Every gallon of gas puts twenty pounds of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere for one hundred years. Electric cars also have a significant carbon footprint, especially if powered by coal.
Biking burns calories, costs little, has zero emissions, enhances physical and mental health and reduces stress. Biking is a serious solution to curbing climate change and rebuilding community.
Humanity has the skills to tackle our financial, political and environmental challenges but our social populations must have the character. What will history say about you?
If you can't bike for any reason and must drive, please do everything in your power to respect and protect any bikes on the road.